Hi, I'm 

Victor Egonu

My goal is to brand Cyborg4Life as a content hub for the Leg Lengthening procedure (LL). I hope C4L helps to educate people who are considering the LL surgery and serve as community for those who had it done while sharing effective physical & psychological rehab and rebuilding techniques.

A few things about me...

  • I was hit by a car at age 9 breaking my right femur, had a mono-lateral external fixator to hold bone in place.  
  • I broke my left tibia at age 11. Poor setting of the bone & fractured growth plates caused 2" height imbalance  
  • I chose to undergo the Leg Lengthening (LL) Surgery via PRECICE Nail at age 23 to fix my height imbalance and resolve my painful joints and scoliosis. 
  • I now am an advocate for the Leg Lengthening Procedure and wish to share experiences with those who are considering having it done, are currently doing it or had it done and are in the recovery process.
  • I want to be the resource I wish I had when I underwent LL Surgery as a lot goes into the procedure. 
  • I mention all this here, just to clarify that when I talk about LL, I do so from actual experience.

Started out as a track & field wannabe to undergoing a scary and life altering surgery to competing in the world championships as a pro drug-free bodybuilder. Life is a roller coaster, and I believe part of our responsibility is to be self-aware to discover our talents and recognize how we can help others around us on a grand scale. I have realized my goal is to help those who've had a debilitating setback in life, making them physically and mentally better than before...make them machine-like...make them Cyborgs!

This site was created as a way to spread my message and reach out to those of you, who are considering, currently undergoing or had a leg lengthening surgery and are ready to get it back together. 

There are two reasons why a person gets the leg lengthening surgery done. One is to correct a height imbalance between the limbs (such as in my case). The other is due to wanting to resolve some of the psychological pain of height dysphoria that equates to a body image condition where a person views themselves as having a relatively short stature. Both of these issues as well as those dealing with a setback in life (injury, surgery, death in the family, personal or professional adversity etc.) can cause low self-esteem or a poor outlook on life and cause some people to be put out of commission, mentally and or physically, for some time to the point of nearly losing all hope and motivation.

However, you must dig deep, find the mental and physical strength to obliterate the self-destructive thoughts, obstacles, and doubters to ultimately surpass where you were, to become stronger and better than before, this time with new body armor. And the best part...you're not alone. Me and the rest of the CYBORG NATION has got your back!

In summary, as a CYBORG, you are striving to transform your mind and body via the road to resurgence in order to become the ultimate version of yourself after a severe setback. 

My Story...

My CYBORG story started when I was 9 years old. I was heading to the library with some friends (not to read books but to use the computers to look up rare Pokemon cards as that was the thing back then) and we were about to cross the street. I looked both ways, the street was clear. But before I knew it, I was in the middle of the road with a cockeyed view of my contorted right thigh. Bystanders, as well as the driver of the 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood, that ran the red light and broke my right femur, insisted I lay still until the paramedics arrived. In shock and dazed, I surprisingly had enough cognition to utter my phone number to call my parents who would meet me at hospital prior to surgery. The doctor decided to use a mono-lateral external fixator to correct my leg for healing (I felt like a machine with the device holding me together). 

The rehab and comeback from that was so grueling I can almost remember the pain to this day. The problems I faced were pain, lack of flexibility, a weak mind and ultimately a broken spirit. I then realized I was lucky to be alive and decided to fight back. After a few months I was able to resume my old activities again and eventually become stronger than before, thus I started to become a CYBORG.

A more recent incident was when I had a leg lengthening procedure done with the original PRECICE nail to correct a near 2" leg length discrepancy due to a left fractured tibia at the growth plates (from a roller blading trick: I tried grinding on the curb and my front wheel got caught and I fell on my twisted lower leg...hence why I don't do crazy shit anymore!) Years of managing the issue with shoe lifts in my left shoe led me to say screw it and get the darn procedure done. And so I had the titanium rod inserted into my leg. The rehab for this was mentally harder than the first story with my femur, as I had already begun competitive natural bodybuilding at the time, and so, voluntarily agreeing to break my leg to fix it was, one of, no, the hardest decision of my life up to that point. 

Alongside the months of prescribed therapy, I began doing my own extra therapy at home. This meant researching and experimenting to find the best ways to recover  from such a surgery. I focused on reducing the pain and swelling, increasing range of motion, strengthening the surrounding muscles and finally increasing the blood flow to carry vital restorative nutrients to the injury site via more cardio on stationary bike. Within 5 months I was able to get back into the gym and begin the rebuilding process.

When I would visit my doctor for check-ups, I would socialize with other patients with similar injuries and stir up positive motivation among us. And that made me feel good to talk to and even help motivate another person who went through a similar tribulation as me and help them realize there is hope to rise up and surpass where they were before via resurgence. Internally that was the start of CYBORG-4-LIFE (C4L)

The build-up to the official start of C4L started in 2017 after prospective patients considering the LL surgery would ask me about my experience so they could get a feel of what to expect. And so after 3 years of back and forth of direct messaging, I decided to start a blog platform of sort, where I would cover the topics of the frequently asked questions as well as try to get leading experts in the LL industry to give their perspective. And so in February 2020 I started my first video and that made it official.

Leg Lengthening made me mentally stronger and especially when I really owned the name of 'Cyborg'. After my LL surgery, a gym buddy of mine said "You're no longer human with all that metal in you. You're a Cyborg!" 

The '4-life' portion I came up with relating to the 4 most important aspects of life, aka the '4 organs of perception' that I needed to get through hard times: mind, body, heart and spirit (4 things necessary to life) hence the name Cyborg4Life.

I believe goal setting is the hardest part of achieving what you really want. You must first be clear on what it is you want to do, then relentlessly focus your mind on it, and it will come to be. 

This is what I call the “V.I.C” principle, “VISUALIZE” what you want to achieve, take “INTENSE” action and finally “CONQUER” it!

Besides being a Cyborg & leg lengthening advocate, some other hobbies and things I like doing on leisure time include...

  • Training in the gym to be the best drug-free-pro natural bodybuilder and one day win the world championships
  • Spending quality time with family, friends & girlfriend. 
  • Reading books on self-improvement, mindset mastery, business etc.
  • Taking walks with my 5 yr old (as of 2020) Labradoodle: Casey