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How to Save for Cosmetic Limb Lengthening Surgery

By Victor Egonu | Leg Lengthening Surgery

Jul 11

Guest Article:

The following article was written for me by one of my awesome YouTube subscribers...Dacawone. He discusses detailed ways to save up for the cosmetic limb lengthening surgery to get taller. If you have questions for him, comment at the bottom of this article and he may respond... (I also shot a Video Below Article that discusses his tips)...


How to Build up your wallet the way Victor builds his body. 

Why CLL is more affordable and obtainable than you think!

               There’s no argument that CLL is THE most expensive elective procedure on the planet.  If there’s one deterrent to this surgery, it is definitely the price tag that comes along with it.  However, you may be able to afford this procedure more than you think, and I will explain some tactics and ways that helped me to achieve this goal.  I am not a guru app developer or some internet-startup billionaire.  I am just a guy that wanted to be taller and was tired of the stigma and challenges that were synonymous with being a short man.  I didn’t get this surgery until I was 39 years of age…and what I wouldn’t have done to have been taller through my 20’s and beyond.  I feel as though I was relegated to the sidelines in the game of life as my taller friends, family members, and acquaintances seemed to effortlessly sail through and have things work out for them time after time.  As a man that was 5’5.25,” I had to put in twice the effort for one quarter of the results that all the taller men did.  I simply reached a breaking point when I attended a holiday party at a friend’s house a year and a half ago.  Of the approximate 40 or so attendees, I was the shortest adult in the room…which is almost always the case.  To add insult to injury, even the kids there who were maybe 11 years of age seemed to be my height or even taller.  Enough was enough.  I called the Paley Clinic and scheduled a consultation and that was the beginning of my adventure.  Now, before I go any further…this was the absolute hardest thing I have had to do both physically and mentally.  You are essentially telling your body and genes “No, I am not accepting this” as you defy mother-nature and biology.  So, trust me, your body IS going to fight back against what you are trying to force it to do.  You have been warned.  However, once you push through this, you will be rewarded with the one thing you feel you got cheated out of and you will never look back.  Without further ado, allow me to begin and point out some ways you can start saving some money that you may or may not have thought of. 

               I think that it is worth pointing out a few ways that you can accumulate your funds.  It is not so much the money that you make, but more importantly…it is all about the money that you can save.  You can get CLL with a 40K a year job, easily.  What you may not realize is that you are throwing away a lot of money and wasting more than you know.  The most important question you can ask yourself before spending any money from this point forward is… “Do I really want or need this?  Or do I want to grow taller?”  This question will become your mantra and focus from hence forth and is going to enable you to save money like never before. 

               First, I have to ask if you are a smoker.  If so, you need to stop immediately.  Not only for your health, but for your financial situation as well.  The average cost for a pack of cigarettes in my state is $6.96.  If you smoke a pack a day, which is probably considered more into the heavy-smoker category, that is a total $2,540/ yearly.  Now, if you lived in New York, the average pack of cigarettes is about $13.00.  The cost for smoking a pack a day in New York comes out to be nearly $5,000.00 a year!!   So, you must ask yourself…   “Do I want to smoke, or do I want to grow taller?”  And just FYI, most orthopedic surgeons will not do this procedure for you if tell them you are smoker, as it impedes bone healing, consolidation, etc. 

               Are you a caffeine addict?  I am.  But guess where I don’t go…Starbucks.  The average cup of coffee at Starbucks runs you $2.75/ cup.  If you bump that to a fancy drink…you just broke into the $5 + range.  It doesn’t sound like much, I know.  Consider that you may go there 5 days a week for a year.  That equates to over $700 on the lower end.  If you were getting the fancy drinks at $5 a pop, that total is now looking at about $1,300.00/ yearly.  I am not saying that you must quit drinking coffee, but you can slash 90% of those costs out with buying a Mr. Coffee pot and brewing it at home.  You will save tons of money and reduce your caloric intake as well.  I believe some of those Frappes can have upwards of 900 calories.  So cancel those and drink water, it’s practically free and the best thing for you. Your body will thank you. 

               Another way to save money is to take a look at what phone and provider you use.  I own a $200 Android phone that I bought last year.  The phone I had before that was also a cheaper Droid that I owned for 5 years.  My phone plan is $30 a month, whereas the average cellphone bill a month for Americans is over $70.  I don’t run out and buy the latest I-phone every year to the tune of $1,200.  My phone works awesome…unlimited text and talk and roughly 3 gigs a month.  In case anyone is  wondering, I use Republic Wireless, just to get the ball rolling on your CLL savings!  My annual bill is $360, while everyone else is paying $840.  Similarly, ask yourself if you REALLY need or want that high cable bill.  The average cable bill is $217/monthly.  Now don’t forget that each premium channel and sports channel is going to add about $10 EACH a month.  There’s another $2,604 or MORE you can add into your goal fund.  Do you want to be a couch potato?  Or do you want to grow taller?

               Another way you can trim spending is to look at your housing costs.  Are you renting or owning?  If you are a younger guy, you can even live at home or consider moving back in with your folks.  Living at home does not carry the same stigma that it did a few years ago.  It’s actually more common than you might think.  That $2,500/month nice 1-bedroom apartment downtown is standing in your way of CLL to the tune of $30,000 yearly.  Another way to reduce cost is to consider taking in a roommate.  A friend or family member would be great to help reduce costs of rent and utilities.  A quick example…my modest house is a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home.  My mortgage is $1,133.00.  I could EASILY have someone move into the other rooms and pay 400-500 each, and essentially eliminate my mortgage cost completely. 

               I have been driving my same care since October since 2004.  No car payments feels great.  My research shows me that the average car payment for a new car in the USA is about $555 a month.  That adds up to be a lot of money every year.  Even a used car will cost about $391 a month on average for payments.  If you need to get some money, sell that fancy BMW or Mercedes you may be driving and get a used car for 8-10K and just pay it off and put the rest of the money in the bank toward your goal.  I told some friends of mine that I would rather be a 5’11’ guy driving a Toyota Corolla than 5’5” guy driving a Ferrari.  I’ve experienced enough social exclusion and pain to say that and stand by this statement.  Of course all of my friends who are 5’10” and up say… “dude, you’re crazy.”  Yet again, they never had the experience of being a shorter guy. 

               A saying that I enjoy is that credit cards can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.  In this case, you are going to have to make them work in your favor.  You need to be paying for things on credit cards that you would be buying anyway…your phone bill, utilities, groceries, gas, etc.  If you’re not doing this, you are flushing free money down the toilet, because many cc companies will reward you with cash-back.  I used my cc to pay for my hotel while doing CLL and got back like $700…plus built up tons of hotel points to achieve diamond status.  The simple solution is to make certain you pay your bill off every month and not to carry a balance.  The cc companies hate me because they make zero money off me!  You can be on your way to getting thousands of dollars cash back right now.  I use the Chase Freedom card and have been extremely happy with the results. 

               If you are like me, you enjoy going out for lunch breaks during your shift.  Unfortunately, something as simple as a fast-food combo now seems to cost nearly $10.  That comes to $50 a week, $200/month totaling nearly $2,500 a year, and that is for lunch ALONE.  I started to bring my lunch to work to save money.  My favorite was a small Tupperware container of Greek yogurt with berries (your choice) with raw oatmeal sprinkled in or bran flakes, topped with honey.  My lunch costs were reduced from 10/day to less than $2/day.  It was way healthier too and your waistline will thank you! 

               Here is one last idea that will assist you in your endeavors.  Modify your dating habits.  As a 5’5”, I didn’t have to try hard to reduce my dating activities.  Women don’t exactly line up to date men my height.  However, if you are an avid dater…I would advise to go out a little less often.  Possibly meet women for drinks rather than expensive dinners.  A date doesn’t have to be a night out for $100 or more, it can be for a few beers or such.  I know that CLL is definitely a “do it for yourself” undertaking…but any guy that tells you that he doesn’t hope to attract a bit more female attention afterwards is absolutely lying.  As stated before, female attention absolutely falls in the lap of taller guys with little to no effort.  I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched family and friends get married, have kids, and participate in other milestone activities… and I do know for a fact I was that metaphorical “last kid picked for the dodgeball game” and was sick of it.

               I do hope that some of these ideas can motivate you to achieve your financial goals toward CLL.  I just wanted to do some simple napkin-math to show you that it is more obtainable than you imagine.  I felt compelled to write these ideas out after finding Victor’s podcast featuring Matt.  I listened to it twice in one day.  I really could hear myself in that interview and knew I had to write something.  I hope these words find you Matt and all the other guys out there who think that it seems so far out of reach.  I agree that doctors should offer payment options for something that will change someone’s life so profoundly.  It’s almost a cruel joke to develop the technology and then to put it so far out of reach financially.  It really is something that cuts deep that nobody can understand unless they’re on the short-stature side.  I don’t expect that anyone would do all these ideas, but if you implement even half of them, you are going to be well on your way to your goal.  I hope to hear from some of you all out there on Cyborg’s site.  Maybe you have some great ideas I did not think of or didn’t mention.  Please share yours!  I wish all of you the best of luck, and you will get there.  Get it done as soon as possible, you’ll be glad you did. 

-Brother in Lengthening


About the Author

Having undergone Limb Lengthening Surgery himself, Victor Egonu is the Founder of Cyborg 4 Life. With a Masters in Biomedical Sciences as well as expert fitness coach, this Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder is on a mission to help all those considering Leg Lengthening Surgery to better their lives.

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