Interview with Cosmetic Stature Limb Lengthening Patient

By Victor Egonu | Interviews

Jun 18

This is my first interview with a cosmetic stature lengthening patient. In this special sit-down with Alfonso, he explains what the first few weeks of his limb lengthening procedure has been like.


Alfonso had his bilateral femoral limb lengthening surgery done on May 22, 2020 via the STRYDE internal lengthening nail. I have posted the time-stamps below if you're interested in a particular topic:

1:00 – Alfonso’s discovery of LL

1:55 – Reason he wanted to get taller

 3:15 – Factors that helped with the decision to do procedure

5:40 – Alfonso’s distraction/lengthening phase

6:30 – His aspirations to be a leader and desire to be “looked up to”

8:20 – Fitness level prior to surgery

9:00 – Fears of losing athleticism

11:00 – Excitement leading up to the surgery

12:00 – His take on the pain right after the procedure & cycle of meds to manage pain levels

13:40 – Swelling & Inflammation post-op… “Thick-like-Thanos!”

15:00 – Doing activities and getting around post-op via STRYDE internal nail

16:45 – PT session experiences

18:35 Taking showers

22:05 – Worries of skewing Proportions

25:00 – At home exercise routine

26:05 – Sustained slight injury when pushing too much too soon. TAKE CAUTION Stryde or no Stryde

27:00 – Physically preparing for the surgery

27:50 – How Pain impacts Sleeping

30:35 – Most of the pain is located near the tibial tuberosity

31:20 – Alfonso’s “Special Routine” to manage energy levels after surgery: Meds à Sleep àExercise

33:10 – Doing detailed oriented tasks w/ pain pills

34:40 – Nutritional Supplements to help recover

37:55 – Thoughts before making the final decision to get the LL done

39:30 – Plans to get the full 8cm of length of the Stryde nail in femurs

41:25 – His support network & Advice to those considering LL

44:00 – A sad, common, story he heard in clinic when getting LL done

46:45 – Final words – Reason you should have for getting LL surgery done


Below is Alfonso's email. He has provided it for those of you who wish to reach out to him with questions you may have. PLEASE be respectful when messaging and considerate of his current lengthening process. A few words of encouragement would also be cool!

Alfonso's email:

About the Author

Victor Egonu is the Founder of Cyborg 4 Life. With an Masters in Biomedical Sciences as well as certified fitness coach, this Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder is on a mission to help all those considering Leg Lengthening Surgery to better their lives