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Transformative Cosmetic Stature Lengthening Story

October 23, 20233 min read

“Through pain and perseverance, we don't only add inches to our height but also dimensions to our life's story” - Julius (CLL patient)


Limb lengthening surgery offers the potential for transformative experiences, but it's essential to remember that each patient's journey is distinctive. While some may encounter prolonged recovery periods or complications, many recover within the expected timeframe. A select few, like Julius, even outperform expectations in terms of recovery and post-surgery benefits.

Julius transformation

With that said, here is Julius' Story! 👊


At a young age in his early 20s, Julius, an entrepreneur, underwent limb lengthening surgery in May 2022. He chose non-weight-bearing nails for his femurs and achieved an impressive 8 cm of added height, translating to 3 inches.

Lengthening Experience

  • Pain Management: For Julius, the most pain he felt was during the first three weeks post-surgery, averaging a 5/10 pain level. However, this was mainly situational, with sudden movements sometimes spiking the pain. Remarkably, after the initial three weeks, his pain plummeted, which he partially attributes to his pain tolerance developed from Muay Thai training and regular gym workouts.

  • Mobility: To move around, Julius relied on a walker, a common choice among patients using non-weight-bearing nails.

  • Sleep Patterns: Sleep disruptions were evident in the first few weeks, with Julius waking up in the early hours, often requiring pain relief.

  • Work & Fitness: Even while lengthening, Julius was industrious, resuming work a day after surgery. Moreover, he devised innovative ways to maintain his fitness, using adjustable dumbbells and even a doorframe pullup bar.

Recovery after Lengthening

Julius's recovery speed is noteworthy. He began walking unassisted just 6 weeks post-lengthening, a feat achieved by very few patients. Five months into his journey, Julius’s walk became virtually indistinguishable from his pre-surgery gait.

Post-Surgery Life and Advantages

  • Height & Social Dynamics: The newfound height brought noticeable changes in how people treated Julius. He observed a significant improvement in social interactions and also in his dating life. He often playfully adds shoe lifts to his new height, giving him an even more towering presence.

  • Physical Endeavors: Before his surgery, Julius could perform a backflip. Post-surgery, with determination, he reclaimed this ability, much to everyone's awe. He's now eyeing a return to Muay Thai.

  • Practical Tips from Julius:

    • Blending in: Julius wore shoe lifts three years prior to his surgery to subtly transition into his new height, using the “Sleight of Height” technique.

    • Work on Proportions: While Julius acknowledges the concerns about post-surgery proportions, he emphasizes that they are often overthought.

    • Staying Productive: Lengthening is a lengthy process. Julius recommends using this time wisely by engaging in activities that maintain mental well-being.

Final Words

Julius offers advice that rings true for many considering or undergoing limb lengthening: appreciate life's simple pleasures. He believes that experiencing this procedure makes one value these nuances of life even more.

Highlighting his journey's worth, Julius said, “...this 'calculated' decision was one of the best I’ve ever made.” This sentiment encapsulates the potential for transformation that limb lengthening offers, with Julius's story serving as an inspiring testament.

Check out the YouTube video I shot on Julius' transformation!

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Victor (Cyborg)

Victor Egonu is a limb lengthening patient and advocate for the procedure after having seen it change the lives of thousands of patients.

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