Resurgence is to come back by working a smart direction"

- Victor Egonu

Going from severe setback to surpassing your previous best is one of the most difficult challenges you can choose to take on. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something.

I'm Victor Egonu, I've comeback from setbacks several times, including after a leg lengthening surgery to become a world-class, drug-free professional bodybuilder.

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What is Limb Lengthening?


Limb Lengthening (LL), also known as Distraction Osteogenesis, is a surgical process in which a limb (such as the femur - thigh bone, or tibia - shin bone or even the upper arm) is broken at a point (known as an osteotomy).


Then, the limb is implanted with a lengthening device and gradually extended over time to attain more length.

Once desired/tolerated amount is achieved, lengthening stops and bone is allowed to heal back to normal.


LL is typically done to correct a limb length discrepancy in which one leg (or arm) is shorter than the other to prevent painful lower back, hip, knee and or ankle joints.


LL is also done for functional and or cosmetic reasons to increase stature for individuals with dwarfism to improve the efficiency of their daily life OR for people who are unhappy with their height to help them feel better about themselves.

Regardless of the reason one gets the surgery, it is a very involved procedure requiring a large investment of time, pain-tolerance, money, work-ethic and mental grit to make a full recovery and resume normal life.

What is Cyborg 4 Life & Why?

I created Cyborg 4 Life (C4L) to be an online resource hub of helpful information on the life-changing limb lengthening procedure. My primary content is through my YouTube channel.

I did it to give back to the procedure that changed my life for the better. Before I got the surgery done myself, I did lots of research, bootstrapping together the info I needed to make the life-changing decision.

And so C4L will serve as a content hub resource with simplified information about Limb Lengthening Surgery for those considering the procedure.

It was my Limb Lengthening procedure that was a major turning point in my life, fixing a height imbalance I had (got a bit taller too!), that gave me the confidence to recover, rehab and rebuild my physical & mental health better than before...into a CYBORG!

It's my hope that between the video content & podcasts you are able to gain a valuable perspective into the world of Limb Lengthening!

My Limb Lengthening Story

Here's a video and article on my story

My Limb Lengthening Story

In short, I broke my left tibia at the growth plates when roller blading as a kid. Led to a near 2 inch leg length discrepancy causing tons of lower back and joint pain.

In 2012 I got limb lengthening surgery done to fix this height imbalance and finally relieve my pain.

Nearly 10 years later (as of 2023) I am training hard to become a world champion in drug-free natural bodybuilding.

Below are my personal x-rays from my own limb lengthening surgery:

(Shown above are x-rays taken of my tibia after getting the internal lengthening nail used to lengthen my bone over time. X-ray #1 is about 1 week into lengthening phase, X-ray #2 is about 3 weeks into lengthening and X-ray #3 is 9 years later after length is achieved and device removed. I have since resumed normal life.)

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