In this fREE video Course

Learn about Limb Lengthening Without Wasting Time Searching the Internet

You'll learn exactly what Limb Lengthening surgery is, how it works, what you need to do to physically prepare and so much more from credible world-class orthopedic surgeons, physical therapist and LL patients.

Here's what's included in Limb Lengthening Secrets

This comprehensive, FREE video course is jam-packed with over 8hrs of content and 200+ videos where you'll learn...

  • About Distraction Osteogenesis

  • Different LL Procedures

  • The 8 Phases of the LL Process

  • How much length is safe

  • Complications, proportions...

  • Pain, walking, recovery after LL

  • Muscle contractures from LL

  • Neuropathies due to damage

  • Symptoms and how to adjust

  • Knock knees

  • Bowlegs

  • Congenital hemimelias

  • Why experience matters

  • How to pick good surgeon

  • Past interviews of surgeons

  • Pain, irritation, sleep, etc.

  • What to tell people who ask

  • Complications and worries

  • Flexibility and Strength Demos

  • Nutrition & Supplement advice

  • Cardio & Rehab Tools for LL

  • Conservative vs. Extreme

  • Importance of Rehab

  • Is LL even worth it for athletes

  • Video, Audio or Text Content

  • Spread the word to LL Patients

  • Contact me to contribute

Ready To Embark on Your Limb Lengthening Journey?

If you haven't decided to join Limb Lengthening Secrets yet, just think, every minute you wait is another minute you'll spend trying to bootstrap information about limb lengthening and hopefully come up with a strategic and comprehensive rehab program.

But if you act now, you can ensure you are equipped with the a map & compass to navigate your limb lengthening journey safely and in a time efficient manner.

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