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What Will You Learn?

This comprehensive, FREE video course is jam-packed with over 8hrs of content and 200+ videos where you'll learn...

Limb Lengthening Academy

Learn the basics about Limb Lengthening

  • How Distraction Osteogenesis works

  • Different Types of LL Procedures

  • The 8 Phases of the LL Process

  • Limb Lengthening Masterclass

    Learn more in-depth about specific topics

  • How much length is safe to get

  • Complications, proportions etc.

  • Pain, walking, recovery etc.

  • Doctor's Diagnosis

    Learn about symptoms of complications 

  • Muscle tension due to contractures

  • Neuropathies due to irritation or damage

  • What to watch for and how to adjust

  • Complex Conditions

    Learn about other complex limb deformities 

  • Knock Knees

  • Bowlegs

  • Congenital tibial & fibular hemimelia

  • Choose Your Doctor

    Learn about how to choose a LL surgeon

  • Why experienced surgeon is important

  • List of Top LL surgeons around globe

  • More to come as list builds

  • Patient Perspective

    Learn about the procedure via other patients

  • Pain, length, satisfaction, sleep

  • What to tell people if they ask

  • Complications and worries

  • Road To Resurgence (RTR)

    Learn how to prepare for each phase of LL

  • Flexibility & Strength video demos

  • Nutrition & Supplementation advice

  • Cardio & Tools to help with rehab

  • Limb Lengthening for Athletes

    Learn how to navigate LL if you're an athlete

  • Conservative or extreme length

  • Importance of Rehab

  • Is LL even worth it for athletes

  • Guest Contributor Content

    Learn about LL from other guest speakers

  • Either video, audio or text content

  • If you wish to contribute - email me

  • Spread your message to the patients

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