"Resurgence is to come back by working a smart direction"

-Victor Egonu

Going from severe setback to surpassing your previous best is one of the most difficult challenges you can choose to take on. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something.

I'm Victor Egonu, I've done this thing several times over, including a comeback after a leg lengthening surgery to become a world-class-drug-free professional bodybuilder.

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I created Cyborg-4-Life (C4L) to give back to the procedure that changed my life for the better. Before I got the surgery done myself, I did lots of research, bootstrapping together the info I needed to make the life-changing decision. And so C4L will serve as a content hub resource about Leg Lengthening Surgery for those considering the procedure.

It was my Leg Lengthening procedure that was a major turning point in my life, fixing a height imbalance I had (got a bit taller too!), that gave me the confidence to recover, rehab and rebuild my physical & mental health better than before...into a CYBORG!

It's my hope that between the video content & podcasts you are able to gain a valuable perspective into the world of Leg Lengthening!

-Victor Egonu

Short & Low Self-Esteem

Taller & High Self-Esteem

Cyborg RTR Program


Before Limb Length

After Limb Length

After C4L community 

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A video interview I did about my PRECICE leg lengthening procedure

Cyborg4Life Blog

The latest tips & resources surrounding the limb lengthening etc... 

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Boost Your Grit. Upgrade Your Life.

Join the C4L community as I share my latest updates on topics surrounding the leg lengthening surgery process for those thinking about it, currently undergoing it and those who've been there and done it.


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