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"Resurgence is to come back by working a smart direction"    -Victor Egonu

Going from severe setback to surpassing your previous best is one of the most difficult challenges you can choose to take on. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something.

I'm Victor Egonu, I've done this thing several times over, including a comeback after a leg lengthening surgery to become a world-class-drug-free professional bodybuilder.

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What is Limb Lengthening?

Limb Lengthening (LL), also known as Distraction Osteogenesis, is a surgical process in which a limb (such as the femur - thigh bone, or tibia - shin bone or even the upper arm) is broken at a point (osteotomy), implanted with a lengthening device and gradually extended over time to attain more length.


LL is typically done to correct a limb length discrepancy in which one leg (or arm) is shorter than the other to prevent painful lower back, hip, knee and or ankle joints.

LL is also done for functional and or cosmetic reasons to increase stature for both individuals with dwarfism to improve the efficiency of their daily life or for people who are unhappy with their height to help them feel better about themselves.

Functional and Cosmetic Stature LL are typically done bilaterally - meaning both bones are lengthened at the same time for the sole purpose of height gain. 

The surgery is a very involved procedure requiring a large investment of time, pain-tolerance, money, work-ethic and mental grit to make a full recovery and resume normal life. 

xray 1 week into lengthening
xray 3 weeks into lengthening
xray 9 years later

(Shown above are x-rays taken of my tibia after getting the internal lengthening nail used to lengthen my bone over time. X-ray #1 is about 1 week into lengthening phase, X-ray #2 is about 3 weeks into lengthening and X-ray #3 is 9 years later after length is achieved and device removed. I have since resumed normal life.)

What is Cyborg 4 Life & Why?

I created Cyborg 4 Life (C4L) to be an online resource hub of helpful information on the life-changing limb lengthening procedure. My primary content is through my YouTube channel.

I did it to give back to the procedure that changed my life for the better. Before I got the surgery done myself, I did lots of research, bootstrapping together the info I needed to make the life-changing decision.

And so C4L will serve as a content hub resource with simplified information about Limb Lengthening Surgery for those considering the procedure.

It was my Limb Lengthening procedure that was a major turning point in my life, fixing a height imbalance I had (got a bit taller too!), that gave me the confidence to recover, rehab and rebuild my physical & mental health better than before...into a CYBORG!

It's my hope that between the video content & podcasts you are able to gain a valuable perspective into the world of Limb Lengthening!

-Victor Egonu

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Click Here - Article on My Limb Lengthening Story...

Here's a brief interview I did on an internal lengthening nail...

My Limb Lengthening Story

In short, I broke my left tibia at the growth plates when roller blading as a kid. Led to a near 2 inch leg length discrepancy causing tons of lower back and joint pain. 

In 2012 I got limb lengthening surgery done to fix this height imbalance and finally relieve my pain. 

Nearly 9 years later (as of 2021) I am training hard to become a world champion in drug-free natural bodybuilding.

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FREE LIVE Weekly 30min LL Question & Answer w/ Experts

Week 1: LL Surgeon

Week 2: Anonymous LL Patient

Week 3: LL Physical Therapist

Week 4: Anonymous LL Patient

Either Ask LIVE on YouTube or Submit Questions to [email protected]

LL LIVE is the solution to the problem that many prospective and current patients have...answers to their questions and concerns about the LL surgery, rehab, rebuilding, nutrition and actual LL patient experience.

That's right, after several patients asked that their specific questions be answered in the C4L interviews, the wait is over. You can personally join in on the weekly YouTube livestream sessions and get all your questions answered by a LL expert in their own regard FREE!

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EKRIN B37 Massage Gun Review Video

This is a video review on the EKRIN B37 Massage Gun and all I can say is I'm absolutely impressed. I've tried a few massage guns in the past and I can say that this is the best.

It has a solid grip, it delivers powerful, quiet and fast percussions to condition my muscle tissue below the surface. After using this for just 2-5 minutes, the name "suppleness" and muscle pliability takes on a whole other meaning.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for patients undergoing the limb lengthening procedure where muscle tissue can get very tight in a short amount of time either risking a muscle contracture or have to stop lengthening prematurely due to excessive pain and tightness.

Here's how I recommend you use it;

In the weeks leading up to your surgery you can use it both pre-workout to maximize performance in the gym, and hours later to help you recover faster.

Stop using it for about 1.5-2 weeks after surgery so your body can catch up and recover from the trauma, then use it just before your stretching sessions at home, after physical therapy to improve the muscle flexibility and before bed to help you recover faster, prevent muscle contractures and regulate pain levels in a positive manner.

ExoGun Wrap Review Video

Use the Code: "EXOGUN-CYBORG5" For 5% off your purchase

This is my review video of the Exogun Wrap from Exogun.

It's a pneumatic compression wrap system that is designed to help reduce the swelling and inflammation in your legs so you can recover faster and have less pain.

Great for those who are recovering from leg surgery like limb lengthening as your legs will be swollen and this will help expedite the recovery process so you can get off the heavy pain meds sooner.

Also great for after leg-day training and or long day of work on your feet.

The Exogun Wrap works by a proprietary negative pressure air compression massage system and heating system to improve circulation, reduce soreness and fatigue by flushing out metabolic wastes and bringing in oxygenated blood to your legs.

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From My Blog

Read my most popular blog posts, that have helped many prospective patients like you gain deeper insight into various aspects of the limb lengthening procedure.

interview with dr. paley

Interview with Dr. Paley

In this special interview with Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, FL we focus our discussion on fundamentals of Stature Limb Lengthening Surgery as Dr. Paley also stresses the crucial importance of having an experienced limb lengthening surgeon.

worries of limb lengthening

Top Limb Lengthening Worries 

From the prospective patient looking to get taller to those who've had stature limb lengthening surgery done...there are several concerning aspects that can make a person think twice before getting the procedure done. 

Rad More...
physical therapy

Physical Therapy & Rehab 

Here are some of the physical therapy exercises you can expect to do after leg lengthening surgery. Now I’m going to break it up into different aspects of the lower limb; quads, hams, calves, hips as well as some tools I found are going to be a big help towards the end.

regaining athleticism after limb lengthening

Athleticism after Limb Lengthening Surgery

A lot of factors play into it, such as how much length you got, how much effort you put into physical therapy rehab, how much your biomechanics will change after surgery, how good was your nutrition, the type of lengthening procedure you got done and finally just giving yourself enough time to recover.

how much height

How Much Length is Safe

When it comes to determining how much height you should gain via cosmetic limb lengthening several factors will dictate your answer. Things like…How much length can you gain safely?

normal walking

When can you Walk

So let me start off by saying to be able to stand, your legs need stability. To be able to walk your legs need stability + mobility = ROM. And to be able to walk “perfectly” and eventually run, sprint and jump...your legs need stability + mobility + flexibility. 


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