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Whether you want to discuss surgery-specific topics, bounce ideas or just vent your worries and concerns about the limb lengthening procedure, bring all your questions you wish to ask to the session so you can leave with peace of mind and make the best possible decisions along your LL journey.


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Patient-to-patient consultations provide an invaluable opportunity for prospective patients to connect with individuals who have already undergone limb lengthening. Hearing firsthand accounts from those who have been through the process can provide valuable insights, practical tips, and realistic expectations and builds a sense of camaraderie among those embarking on a similar journey.

All Ears

Emotional Support and Guidance: Limb lengthening consultations extend beyond the physical assessments and discussions of the surgery. They also serve as a supportive space where patients can express their concerns, fears, and aspirations. The consult can provide emotional support, address any anxieties, and offer guidance throughout the journey, ensuring patients feel confident and reassured about their decision.

Lengthening Plan

From coping strategies during the lengthening phase to post-operative care and rehabilitation, experienced patients can share their firsthand knowledge and provide guidance on pain management, mobility aids, physical therapy exercises, and lifestyle adjustments. This exchange of practical information can greatly benefit new prospective patients, ensuring a smoother and more informed experience.

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Frequently Ask Question

After I book a consultation what happens next?

After booking you'll receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link (disregard if you opted for phone call instead). At the scheduled consult time, simply click on that link and we will be on the meeting to discuss your lengthening goals and answer your questions. If you can't find the link simply email me at and I'll send you a new one.

Making final decisions for my surgery

I am not a physician and cannot legally diagnose your particular condition but will share my opinion and give my best personalized advice based on knowledge & experience of topic. That being said, I want you to realize I am simply here to help you sift through your concerns, provide you with factual information and guide you to make the best decision for your procedure.

I want to reschedule or cancel my consult

All fees are non-refundable once a secure phone or Zoom connection is made and subsequent successful consult. However, if you contact me at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled consult I will refund your consultation fee (minus processing fee ) anything else will be deemed non-refundable due to inconvenience.



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