Additional Leg Lengthening Surgery Expenses

By Victor Egonu | Leg Lengthening Surgery

Jun 25

I’ve spoken to several lengthening patients and the consensus across the board is that besides the cost of the surgery itself, you need to factor in the extra expenses to make the process as smooth as possible. 

So what am I referring to?…well first and foremost..


Housing Plans

This is the most important cost you need to consider because after you’re discharged from the hospital within 3-4 days, you’ll need a place to stay. You can’t just roll around the halls of the hospital and not expect to get caught by staff or guards.  

Now most of the LL clinics are affiliated with some sort of housing or nearby hotel at a discounted rate so if that’s the case, that should be your first choice unless you live close enough to the clinic then you can just drive home after checkups and therapy. 


So besides your living arrangements you’re gonna need to eat so you can live and also recover well. Typically you’re going to want to stick to foods you’re used to eating so your digestive system doesn’t go haywire as you don’t need extra stress on top of the process.

Also, most people find out they lose weight from the surgery so you’re going to want to stack the snacks! Losing some weight is fine but too much can affect your recovery especially after the tough therapy sessions and at home exercises. So be sure to keep funds for some foods you like especially protein for the muscles and vegetables for vitamin K and C for healing the bones. 


If you’re getting your surgery done at a facility that has shuttle buses that come and pick you up for therapy and checkups and is included in the base surgery fee, that’ll be great, but if not you should factor in things like Uber or Lyft to get to your appointments or to grab groceries. It’s going to be more difficult getting around due to restrictions but covering large distances or taking public transportation isn’t ideal for LL surgery.


If you’re going into this solo and don’t have a loved one or close friend to help you out then you could do yourself a favor and hire a caretaker to assist with menial tasks especially within the first week maybe 2 weeks post-op. Again, the LL clinic usually has recommendations here so be sure to ask about that but if not, you can easily google one but just know that you’re not going to be yourself for a bit so be nice with them. 


Now this is big. Hopefully you’re getting the surgery done by an experienced surgeon and there won’t be any problems that come up such as contractures, non-unions, nerve compressions and what not but if so this is not typically covered so be sure to plan to save at least a ¼ the price of your surgery maybe a tad more. 

Mobility Assistance

Things like a walker or crutches are usually included in the surgery fee as you’ll need assistance to move around but if it breaks or malfunctions not all clinics will cover the replacement so price that out in case.

Optional Items

  • Recliner for the bed so you can sit up and eat, read, work on your computer, Netflix

  • Supplements, vitamins (especially a multi, Vit. D, C), calcium, joint complex, ZMA for optimizing hormonal and bone health

  • Compression Ice wraps and or molded cast for reducing swelling and inflammation

  • PT tools (stretching strap, massage gun etc.)

Nail Removal 

Approximately a year after the surgery you’ll plan to have your lengthening devices removed. This isn’t typically covered by insurance so that would be extra fees. But do check with your surgeon.

So as you can see, this procedure has a high amount of costs to it and I hate to be the one to tell you to save extra but I rather you be prepared than be surprised.

About the Author

Victor Egonu is the Founder of Cyborg 4 Life. With an Masters in Biomedical Sciences as well as certified fitness coach, this Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder is on a mission to help all those considering Leg Lengthening Surgery to better their lives