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Update with Alfonso: Cosmetic Limb Lengthening Surgery Patient

By Victor Egonu | Interviews

Aug 01

Alfonso was so kind to come on for an interview update on how he's progressing after his cosmetic limb lengthening surgery to get taller on May 22, 2020 at the LimbplastX Institute with Dr. Debiparshad.

Alfonso answers several of the burning questions you've been waiting to hear. But in case you want to see a certain part I've listed the Time-Stamps below...


 (P.S. - Hoping to have Alfonso & Dr. Kwei on for a Live Video...If this is something you want to see - be sure to comment your interest.)


 2:55 – Alfonso hits his height goal of 6’1”

 5:05 – Realizing his new height changes

 7:25 – He has a good walking gait now

 8:50 – Benefits of Stryde Nail – independence

 10:15 – Physical Therapy Update

 14:55 – Pain Level Update

 20:30 – Got a bit of a minor injury in gym

 23:05 – Muscle tightness due to lengthening

 26:05 – Would he do LL surgery again?!

 27:35 – His Proportions and thoughts on it

 29:20 – Current Energy levels

 30:10 – Walking without Assistance via Stryde internal Nail

 30:50 – Thoughts on Complications

31:55 – Scar tissue

 33:45 – Doing detailed tasks

 35:45 – Swelling is gone but a bit of Insomnia comes and goes

 37:45 – Getting back to the gym about 1.5 months after surgery

 40:15 – Full leg (tibia and femur) muscle stiffness even though only one portion lengthened

 41:15 – Being cautious and avoiding problems

 42:40 – Optimizing Nutrition

44:55 – He lost weight during the LL process

47:20 – Future goals on LL journey

 50:15 – Advice to future LL candidates and current LL patients

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Having undergone Limb Lengthening Surgery himself, Victor Egonu is the Founder of Cyborg 4 Life. With a Masters in Biomedical Sciences as well as expert fitness coach, this Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder is on a mission to help all those considering Leg Lengthening Surgery to better their lives.